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Les Anis de Flavigny Rose Flavored Anise Candy is a gorgeous tin full of aromatic and delightfully sweet candies with a pleasant touch of rose natural flavoring and green aniseed inside! Coated with a luscious layer of sugar coating, these hard candies will become your favorite go-to French treat!

Anise candies are sweet delights with a particular flavor and hints of Thai basil and fennel. Having a lot in common with licorice, anise candies are flavored with anise oil and other extra flavors to craft a plant-based confectionery. Hard candies, often referred to as boiled sweets, are one of the most widely spread and frequently consumed confections typically prepared from sugar-based syrups heated to a temperature of 160 C. In our expertly curated selection of the most beloved hard candies from France, you can discover a wide range of options mint candies, violet, and rose candies.

Les Anis De Flavigny is a French household name confectionery brand specializing in producing exceedingly delicious aniseed candies from the Burgundy region of France! Established in the heart of the former Benedictine abbey in Flavigny in 1591, the brand has remained loyal to its traditional recipe! With over four centuries of history, Les Anis de Flavigny remains one of the oldest French brands and provides a wide range of candies with flavors of licorice, violet, mint, jasmine, orange, cinnamon, rose, and so much more! Regardless of its taste, every Les Anis de Flavigny candy carries the Anis name. If you’re looking for more authentic French brands like Anis De Flavigny, check out our online French grocery store!

Rose Flavored Anise Candy by Les Anis de Flavigny makes for a wonderful snack that you can enjoy on the go! Make sure not to bite them since they are hard!

Ingredients: Sugar, Natural flavoring, Green aniseed
Product Weight: 1.7 oz. (50g)
Product of France