Angelina Paris - Chestnut Cream Spread in Tube


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The flagship product of the house Angelina and its famous "Mont-Blanc", this chestnut cream is made in France by craftsmen. Sweet and greedy with a hint of vanilla, it is pure delicacy!

A long tradition extending over nearly 120 years...
Let's go back to the 1900s, when Paris blossomed both artistically and intellectually at an incredible rate. Writers, painters and politicians congregated in the cafés and restaurants and the tea rooms, which were the latest place to be.

In 1903, the confectioner Anton Rumpelmayer founded Angelina with his son René, a tea house at No.226, Rue de Rivoli, named after his daughter-in-law. The location’s charm and the Rumpelmayer’s skill and expertise with pastries quickly made Angelina the place to be amongst the elite. Proust, Coco Chanel and the biggest French fashion designers gathered in the famous tearoom.

Today, Parisians and tourists queue to taste the signature Mont-Blanc and the famous hot chocolate "L'Africain".

When Anton Rumpelmayer founded Angelina under Rue de Rivoli arcades in Paris, he wanted Angelina to become the ultimate gourmet temple and a symbol of the French way of life. Thanks to his pastry know-how combined with his confectionery knowledge Angelina became the favorite meeting place of gourmets who run there to enjoy the emblematic Mont-Blanc, exclusive Angelina pastry creations and the best of the French pâtisserie.

Since 2013, Christophe Appert, Angelina very talented pastry Chef, persue this extraordinary heritage, by refreshing Angelina iconic pastries thanks to his exceptional know-how.