Alziari - Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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An eternal symbol of life, the olive tree inspires our philosophy.

1868 : Son of a family of laundry workers, César Martin decides to start his business in manufacturing olive oil. He will buy an old mill in ruins in the Madelaine area in Nice. Soon, he will be very successful.

1900 : Aware that Nicolas Alziari had to provide carefully elaborated olive oils for his prestigious clients to stand out from its numerous competitors. Having the idea of applying techniques used in the world of wine, champagne, coffee, or chocolate, he traveled across Europe to find rare varieties of olives that matched perfectly with the local French Riviera variety (Cailletier). It took many years and a unique know-how to create extraordinary assemblies that made the todays reputation of the house.

1920 :  Nicolas and Jeanne, his spouse, decide to open a store on Gubernatis Street in the center of Nice. Nicolas takes over olive oil supply.

1936 : Building on the success of the first store, Pauline, Jeanne, and Nicolas' daughter decided to open another shop in the street, "St Francois de Paule" in Nice to get close to the flower market (le cours Saleya). That one will become the emblematic address of the house. 

1955 :  After Nicolas Alziari’s death, his spouse, who was in charge of the mill. This strong lady had already reintroduced the mill during the First World War while Nicolas was on the front lines. His son, Ludovic, took care of the commercial part.

1970 : Olive oil retail directly in store. This is Jean Nègre, the son of Pauline Alziari and Jules Nègre who will take up the store management in the old city of Nice. The two family branches still share the production (Alziari family) and olive oil retail (Nègre family).

1980 : This is actually Jean Nègre and his spouse Andrée who are going to developp the sells by suggesting not only olive oil retail but also a wealth of Nicolas Alziari 's grocery products branded. 

1991: Gulf War breaks up and threaten France. Ludovic Alziari, who had already passed retirement, found no successors in his family, and so decide to sell his mill. Jean Nègre, close to retirement, also decide to take is retirement. This is Gilles Piot, the brother of Jean's son-in-law, who will take back the two establishments.

2005 : Launch of a mill restoration plan and estate expansion. Since that date, the master word is excellence. We sign recipes for more than 130 products. Olive oil selection has gone from 3 to 10 to satisfy the most demanding. 

The house transmits its knowledge and make known the extreme delicacy of its olive oil beyond its borders in the most prestigious delicatessens of the world, becoming one of the reference in terme of  olive oil Grands Crus. 

2013 : Nicolas Alziari's house developp new manufacturing methods and realize original vintages.