Aivalis Winery Assyrtiko Barrel Fermented 2021


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Alcohol: 15%

Grape(s): 100% Assyrtiko

Localization: Nemea, Greece

Tasting Notes: Assyrtiko Aivalis Winery has medium lemon color and intense aromas of lemon, bergamot, peach, pear, vanilla, butter, honey, acacia, hazelnut, and smoke.

In the mouth, it has medium (+) body, balanced acidity, and oily mouthfeel. Juicy citron, grapefruit, unripe peach, lemon, butter, smoke, toast, vanilla, and caramel fill up the palate in every sip.

Food pairing: Assyrtiko Aivalis Winery, buttery and intense, is made for great gastronomic experiences.

The Domain: Christos Aivalis is probably the most anti-conformist and most fanatical terroir-wine producer in Greece. His explosive personality and his obsession with the origin of the fruit and the separation of the vineyards have made his wines the subject of discussion and anticipation in the circle of the most sought-after wine lovers.

"I tried to imagine a culture without wine. Is there any? There is no such culture "

He is a sincere man, honest and dignified. A person not shy, has a strong opinion and I believe and this is supported by his works. His childhood years were in the vineyard, but his love and the germ of wine stuck to him as an employee of the wine cooperative of Nemea as a simple winemaker.

"We will not take a dining room, but you will go and get the barrel you wanted."

Words of his wonderful wife who has been his companion since the beginning of this journey. Christos Aivalis from Nemea is self-made and completely self-taught. Although the beginning was quite difficult as well the economic conditions were difficult and he managed to excel and stand out in the field with his quirky personality and the quality of wines.

Sotiris Aivalis returning from his studies of enology in Baun, Burgundy, undertook all the winemaking activity of the winery, bringing fresh air and leaving to his father the piece of viticulture. From the harvest and the vinification to the name and the last detail of the bottle, 25-year-old Sotiris Aivalis had the absolute say, putting his own signature next to that of his father, in the most complete and impressive expression of Burgundy in Greece. Le Sang de la Pierre is his own "child" who enjoys great recognition. Sotiris is a wonderful character and professional who loves the subject. He works hard and working with his father yields high-quality wines and tastes.