ABC+Trout Fillets with Onion Relish by Jose Gourmet


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Rich, sweet caramelized onions, reduced with sharp vinegar and a unique mix of spices leave this tender trout fillet bursting with flavor straight out of the tin.

Trout is a freshwater fish, well known on the Portuguese menu. ABC+ sources theirs from the Rio Coura, in the north of the country. Rich in minerals, protein, vitamins, and flavor, this heavy hitter is a favorite in any sauce it shares. The Onion Relish sauce is prepared in small batches to ensure that caramelization takes place slowly and evenly before the addition of spices, sugar, and vinegar. Packed in tins with olive oil from Portugal, this meal is a party for all invited.

SERVING: Center stage in your next hearty rice dish, flaked over a spicy arugula salad, served atop crusty bread to soak up every bit of sauce

MADE IN: Portugal

CAUGHT IN: Rio Coura, Portugal

Innovative, experimental, and extremely small scale, ABC+ is breathing new life into the world of conservas. As tinned fish gain popularity, giant companies are eager to consolidate, push production, and limit creativity in the name of scalability. Recipes for sardines in EVOO, lemon, and tomato are tried and true, but ABC+ builds on that tradition by developing new, elevated recipes preserved in distinctively round hand-sealed cans. Discover their alphabetic range of ever expanding creativity, and circle back regularly for this fish tale’s unfolding chapters.