ABC+Trout Fillets with Dill & Pickles by Jose Gourmet


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Flavors you’d never expect out of Portugal, this tin is genre bending in the most delectable ways. Fresh river trout in a Nordic inspired pickle and dill sauce is sure to surprise and delight.

Trout is a freshwater fish, well known on the Portuguese menu. ABC+ sources theirs from the Rio Coura, in the north of the country. Rich in minerals, protein, vitamins, and flavor, this heavy hitter is a favorite in any sauce it shares. The Pickle and Dill sauce, despite being mild, has many flavors and aromatics that give pride to its Nordic roots. Refreshing, yet salty and craveable, this is a sauce you’ll find yourself unable to resist.

SERVING: Center stage in a fresh, hearty salad, flaked atop crusty bread with various pickles and peppers, shared with friends in the grass on a picnic

MADE IN: Portugal
CAUGHT IN: Rio Coura, Portugal

Innovative, experimental, and extremely small scale, ABC+ is breathing new life into the world of conservas. As tinned fish gain popularity, giant companies are eager to consolidate, push production, and limit creativity in the name of scalability. Recipes for sardines in EVOO, lemon, and tomato are tried and true, but ABC+ builds on that tradition by developing new, elevated recipes preserved in distinctively round hand-sealed cans. Discover their alphabetic range of ever expanding creativity, and circle back regularly for this fish tale’s unfolding chapters.