ABC+ Horse Mackerel in Ravigote Sauce by Jose Gourmet


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Reinvigorate your palate with this bright and briney emulsion of sharp pickles, soothing spices, and salty capers. With powerfully flavorful Carapau, it’s a match sure to bring you back to life.

Horse Mackerel are widely consumed in Portugal, and come in many sizes. ABC+ sources the smallest at the market, as they tend to be packed with the most flavor and nutrients. The Ravigote sauce is a timeless mix of capers, herbs, pickles, onion, and spices emulsified into a bright explosion of flavor. This is one for when you need an extra boost. Enjoy and freshen up, all at the same time.

SERVING: Soaked into crusty bread with strong cheese, atop a bed of greens with sharp radishes nearby, shared on a picnic blanket in the warm summer sun

MADE in Portugal

Innovative, experimental, and extremely small scale, ABC+ is breathing new life into the world of conservas. As tinned fish gain popularity, giant companies are eager to consolidate, push production, and limit creativity in the name of scalability. Recipes for sardines in EVOO, lemon, and tomato are tried and true, but ABC+ builds on that tradition by developing new, elevated recipes preserved in distinctively round hand-sealed cans. Discover their alphabetic range of ever expanding creativity, and circle back regularly for this fish tale’s unfolding chapters.