Palais des Thés- Loose Tea


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Palais des Thés is a French tea house that was founded in 1986 by François-Xavier Delmas.
At that time, the world of tea was dominated by family tea houses that had already been established for many years. Newcomer François-Xavier decided to take on the tea world using his own means.

For him, understanding tea meant going to search for it directly in tea-producing countries, alongside those who produce tea on a daily basis. Thanks to these enriching encounters, along with his travels, one thing was for certain: this new Tea House would be a place of discovery and learning, where each person could learn to love tea at their own pace.

«An exceptional tea is born on fertile ground, it grows in the hands of passionate tea producers, it reveals itself thanks to responsible business practices and it is enjoyed by tea amateurs who are conscious of truly good things.»
François-Xavier Delmas
Tea Researcher and 
founder of Palais des Thés