Schlossberger *HALF POUND*


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Aged 12 Months

From raw milk to delicious cheese... the famers live around the creamery - Chäsi Eyweid - in the valley of Emmental each one is just milking the amount of cows that they can feed with the food produced on their own farm, the biggest farm has just over 30 cows. In the Summertime, the cows are out on the pasture plucking grass, when the cold months pass and the land is covered in white, the ruminating beasts are fed dried hay. The cows are milked twice a day, then the milk, still warm, is brought to the cheese dairy with the help of tractors, horses or car. Only flawlessly clean milk from healthy cows can be used to make raw milk cheese. Cheese cultures are made from their own milk so there is beautiful milk and a natural culture to produce cheese.  To get the wonderful aroma and unique flavor the cheese matures in the cellars of Zäziwil, and that`s how all the different types of cheese are made at Jumi.

Canton Bern, Switzerland