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Kurmann Reserve is a cheese made by Kevin Koch, a master cheesemaker who continues the legacy of his parents Alois Koch and Praxedis, founders of the Alois Koch Käsehandel cheese factory, more than 50 years ago in Gonten, a Swiss commune in the canton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes. , the least populated and second smallest canton in Switzerland. Creativity and attention to detail are the hallmark of this cheese factory.

The name Koch is synonymous with something special and a prestigious brand when it comes to Swiss cheeses. It is synonymous with love for the craft and exceptional creations. In other words, tailor-made quality. What began with the vision of his parents, Praxedis and Alois Koch, in the Appenzell region is now continued by his forward-thinking son Kevin: under the name Koch, “Custom-made cheese.” .

Kevin Koch creates haute couture cheeses made with the best Swiss milk. With passion. Putting his heart and soul into it. For connoisseurs. Kevin is an entrepreneur, a refiner, a cheese sommelier – a cheese refiner with often unconventional, sometimes crazy ideas, a creator and visionary, a true cheese stylist and creator. With traditional craftsmanship and creative ideas, he and his team of cheese designers are setting new accents in cheese refinement: tailor-made cheese creations, unique and individual like few others. True avant-garde cheese art, often inspired by nature or the trends that he discovers and that awaken his creative vein.

Truly perfect enjoyment is the result of careful selection of the best cheeses and just the right amount of personalized attention. They know that "good things take time" and that is why they let their best cheeses mature in peace. Here, deep in the rock, there are ideal weather conditions. Here they turn, salt, brush and inspect each wheel of cheese to create their “Bespoke Cheese,” which will be in the spotlight and celebrated on red carpets.
The Kurmann Reserve captures in its composition the essence of its environment, the immaculate nature of its "terroir". It is born in a valley that surrounds a lake in which, on sunny days, the peaks of the surrounding Alps are reflected.
Made with raw milk from cows that graze at 900 meters above sea level in the commune of Gonten (Appenzell) and aged in a natural cave for 9 months. Its bark is washed with a brine infused with local herbs during the refining process.
That natural brown bark surrounds and protects a yellow paste, furrowed by some sporadic holes.
It is a melting, aromatic, and tasty cheese that smells of melted butter, caramel, and toasted nuts.
The Kurmann Reserve is sold in a flat round shape with slightly convex sides, about 30 cm in diameter and weighing approx. of 7 kg.
It is important to consume the cheese at room temperature if you want to savor all its fragrant nuances. Once brought to the appropriate temperature, the traditional way of consumption is alone, with a slice of bread. You can also enjoy this magnificent cheese on appetizers, breakfasts and cheese boards, and it is ideal for a tasty cheese fondue. We will pair it with a white wine from Alsace, for example with a Pinot Blanc.