Benfumat - Boquerones


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All Benfumat anchovies are Cantabrian Anchovies, the best and most valued in the world. For the extraordinary quality of this product in this sea and its careful preparation. This can also be seen in the size of the anchovy, in its cleanliness and absence of bones and its soft point of salt.

Anchovies are fished with trawl nets, then scaled and cleaned, and then placed in brine. Finally, Benfumat washes and bathes them in extra virgin olive oil, to complete an exquisite product.

In addition, Benfumat, as it is a raw fish processing, and as with all its products, strictly complies with all the demanding sanitary standards.

As for the Benfumat anchovies, packed in oil, they are all a good size, white and marinated in vinegar.

Let us remember that, normally, and depending on the areas, boquerón is called fresh fish and anchovies are salted anchovies.