Ocelot Tall Trees IPA


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Tall Trees is a new 7.2% West Coasty IPA. We brewed it almost entirely with pilsen malt. A simple grist. Bright and light. Setting the stage for a trio of Pacific Northwest hops: Vista, Centennial, and Citra.

Almighty Citra imbues the whirlpool with its reliably vibrant melange of lychee, melon, and sweet orange. The dry-hop, meanwhile, channels both the past and present of Yakima Valley. Centennial, a varietal introduced in 1990, brings pine and grapefruit character that should be familiar to anyone fond of classics like Bell’s Two Hearted and Russian River’s Pliny the Elder. Vista is the new kid on the block — developed by the USDA (like Centennial) and released only at the end of 2021. It’s our first time playing with it, and we’ve been blown away by its honeydew, papaya, and stone fruit notes.

Tall Trees is an IPA too good to leave in the shadows.


4-pack 16oz Cans