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Whitney begins with raw milk from Jasper Hill Farm’s own grass-fed cows.  The herd’s milk is transformed within the newly renovated farmhouse creamery, which features reclaimed copper vats from the Jura Mountains. Once curds have been formed and cooked, they are transferred to draining molds under vacuum ‘bells’, resulting in a beautifully smooth, tight-knit texture.

Whitney has a velvety-smooth, pliant texture with signature notes of toasted nuts, cured ham, and sweet cream. It pairs beautifully on a cheese board with cured meats, dried figs, and pickled shallots, served with a natural white wine. Modeled after classic melting cheeses, Whitney is an ideal cheese to use with a raclette machine; melt it atop a plate of roasted potatoes, garnished with cornichons and charcuterie.

Unpasteurized Cow Milk

Greensboro, Vermont