Wheatland Spring Noble Light Barrel Rested Export Lager 750mL Bottle


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Barrel Rested + Bottle Conditioned Export Lager 5.9%


Brewed in the early spring with single-origin barley from a farm we know in Bavaria and a mix of Virginia and North Carolina grains. Fermented and conditioned in a stainless steel tank for months. Oak barrel rested in our cellar for months more. Bottle conditioning is the final vessel. Gently transferring this beer from steel to wood to glass allows each step along the way to impart characteristics, patiently, on the final product.



⁃ Wheatland Spring Water

⁃ Grains: 41% Single-origin Bavarian Barley; 59% Regional

⁃ Lager Yeast

⁃ Old World Hops



⁃ Stainless Steel Fetmented

⁃ Barrel Rested

⁃ Bottle Conditioned