Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery Test of Time IPA


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India Pale Ale

Impressions of: Pine tips, grapefruit zest, stone fruit, candied tangerine


Once in a while, we come across a constellation of qualities that hold their novelty. These constructs that stand the test of time often share one thing in common: Balance.


Balance is elemental in our shared approach to farming and brewing. Instead of being muted or a result of compromise, we view balance as an avenue to create focused articulation and dynamic expression. You can lean way back on a see-saw only if something’s on the other end to keep you from tipping over.


Enter Test of Time, a decidedly bright and modern interpretation of a classic American IPA. It’s vibrant with a full malt character that integrates with a pleasant hop bitterness. The malt and hops work in tandem. Patient tank conditioning and a dry finish further support the balance of this full-flavored, yet quaffable offering.