Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery Estate Return Piedmont Pilsner


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Piedmont Pilsner 4.7%

100% Estate grain (West Field)

Impressions of: spring flowers, fresh citrus zest, cedar wood, Wheatland


Our third season of Estate grain was planted in the fall of 2020 and harvested in the summer of 2021. What’s Estate grain? It’s grain we plant on the land we tend, here on the farm. You can see the grain fields from the brew deck.


Once ready, the barley for this beer was gently custom-malted in small batch to retain as much of the field’s character as possible. The choice of hops and their graceful contribution integrates with the malt’s delicate profile.


At its most basic level, Return Piedmont Pilsner is water from below our farmland and barley from our west field. It’s yeast and hops from ancestral homes. But the whole story about how this came to be is a lot more.


It’s a small group of dreamers aiming to build a new American tradition. It’s having enough belief to overcome or maybe too much stubbornness to be convinced that this was a fool’s errand.


It’s hours and days and weeks and months and years of planning, learning, laboring, getting knocked down, getting back up, growing, and remaining convinced to pursue something that, by all conventional measures, didn’t make sense to many and thought impossible to many more.


It’s being gifted strength and the ability to continue moving forward by friends and family through smiles, words, handshakes and hugs, kindness, and generosity.


So how long was the process? Depending on when we pick up the thread… it took three months, four years, or half a lifetime to make this beer. However long it took to arrive, we’re sure glad it’s here to share with you.


This marks the ending of one journey and the beginning of another. We’re happy to be on this path with you, friends.


Cheers and thank you.