Urdina Sheep Blue - Half Pound


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Urdina is a blue cheese with a soft paste and washed rind, made with pasteurized latxa sheep's milk. With irregular development in the caves, it acquires more greenish colors than properly blue, and prints a characteristic flavor. The rind is subjected to frequent rubbing with water and salt, thus favoring the growth of different bacteria; during a month in cave conditions it acquires a reddish hue. After this month the cheese is packed in aluminum foil and transferred to another cooler chamber for a delicate second refining. It has the flavor of a blue cheese, but at the same time it is soft, not as powerful as a Cabrales or Picón, but very tasty. In short, we are in front of a magnificent blue cheese with a rich flavor that is great for those who know how to appreciate cheeses with their own character.