Troddenvale Special Edition No. 04 Keeved Dolgo Crab Cider


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Keeved Dolgo Crab Cider

Troddenvale at Oakley Farm, Warm Springs, VA

100% unsprayed Dolgo Crab from Hightown Orchard - Highland County, 3100’ elevation. Picked in early August by our friends at Big Fish, this was our first pressing of 2019. Fruit was ground into macro bins and kept under dry ice for several days before pressing directly to neutral, french oak. Within the first week of its native fermentation, the cider begin to spontaneously keeve, a process in which the nutrients of the cider bind to its pectin, creating a gelatinous ‘Chapeau Brun’ . The outcome is a slow fermentation that eventually stalls out, naturally preserving some residual sweetness. We generally reserve Dolgo cider for  blending purposes due to its insane acidity but after 15 months in barrel, we began to see the cider as a bottling of its own. Two brix of RS are subtly noticeable but go along way to tone down the lemon-like level of acidity. The result is like nothing we have made before; intense electric cranberry Jolly Rancher. Forced carbonated with no SO2 added at any point.


This cider is part of a new series of ciders that will not be replicated in the future but rather offer a fleeting snapshot of converging, creative energy in the cellar. The label artwork is derived from the ever inspiring book The Valley Road by Fay Ingalls, a look back into the golden years of Virginia Hot Springs. Each chapter’s artwork, drawn by Margaret Lowengrund, depicts a landscape or scene from varying places within the Warm Springs Valley. 


21 cases produced, Alc. 6.9% by Volume, 750mL