Togni Rebaioli 1703 Vino Rosso Nebbiolo 2017


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The Story: Enrico Togni is the last grower of a native Italian grape known as Erbanno. He farms a small piece of land in Val Camonica way up in the hills of Lombardia. Enrico farms organically and biodynamically. He raises sheep and moves the sheep around his 3ha farm in an old 4x4 Fiat Panda. There is so much to love about Enrico, his family, and their wines. We fell in love with his wines starting with his Rosato, made from 100% Erbanno. Production is tiny and we will continue to get very small amounts of his wines. The vineyard was originally owned by Enrico’s grandfather who planted the first grapes in 1960. Enrico left law school to save the family farm and the Erbanno grape from going out of production.
Vineyard: The vineyard is located in Val Camonica which is the longest valley in Lombardia as well as the longest valley in the Italian Alps. The vineyard’s altitude is 250 meters to 400 meters above sea level. There are steep slopes all around and one particular mountain that is 1,703 meters above sea level.
Vinification: The wine is fermented with skin contact in wooden barrels.
Ageing: Aged in large oak barrels for one year and in concrete tanks for 3 months.
Everything else you want to know about this wine: This wine is named for a mountain nearby that is 1,703 meters high. The mountain rock retains heat from the sun during the day that keeps nights warmer in the valley. This creates the perfect conditions for the grapes to grow and mature.

100% Nebbiolo, Lombardia