Sweet Sea Desserts - Kaapstad (9 Artisinal Bonbons)


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When I first began this adventure, I was having mixed emotions about my time working in restaurant kitchens. My wife would ask me whether I wanted to simply stop working in kitchens and find a job doing something else, or if I wanted to instead find a way to bring my dreams closer... to start planning for now instead of 10 years down the line. I opted for the latter. And in all of my early planning, a box of 9 was always there. I looked at different options, but none of them seemed right. And then it needed a name, and we settled on Kaapstad (Dutch for Cape Town). Kaapstad was the beginning of this adventure for me. It was where I started figuring out who I am. Each box of Kaapstad contains 9 flavours, for the 9 months I lived in Cape Town.

Made in Netherlands