Sulin Casorzo DOC Voulet 2020


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COLOR: Ruby red toward cherry red
FRAGRANCE: Scented, fruity, and floral aroma where the rose dominates.
FLAVOR: Sweet, fresh, delicate. It keeps unchanged the typical flavor of the newly squeezed must.
COMBINATIONS: Pastry and, in general, desserts. It is great with fruit salads, in particular with peaches instead of sugar or with cream ice-creams. It is particularly indicated as part of aperitifs.
HOW TO SERVE: Serving temperature: 8-10° C
STORING: The bottles must be stored horizontally away from the light and in fresh environment. In order to taste at its best the fragrance, it must be drunk within a year and a half, at the most two.
WINEMAKING: Wine made at a controlled temperature in refrigerated steel basins, it is kept with the skin only for one, two days. Racked off, it is put in autoclave at a temperature of 0° C.
GRAPES: Casorzo Malvasia. It is an autochthonous vine grown only in Casorzo and, some, in the nearby towns.