Confiture Parisienne Strawberry Poppy Jam


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Strawberries - your favorite jam maker has brought out a scarlet jam that smells like nature and summer. An artisanal Strawberry Poppy jam.

You are probably familiar with the Nemours poppy, a delicacy that our grandmothers used to eat to relieve a sore throat (well, also for pleasure, we know), but this time we are enjoying it in the form of a jam. Much appreciated by painters, this scarlet flower gives as much of a boost to a painting as it does to a ripe strawberry jam, which is often considered too classic.

In any case, at Confiture Parisienne, everyone blushed with pleasure when they tasted this country-style recipe, which heralds the return of fine weather.

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Ingredients: French strawberry, Nemours poppy syrup, cane sugar, lemon sugar, lemon, citrus pectin, pepper.

Size: 100 grams

Made in France