Sineann Oregon Pinot Noir 2017


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The single vineyard Pinots are specific barrels or specific batches put together to be wonderful, distinctive Pinot Noirs. Most of the rest of the Pinot is blended into the Oregon. When it turns out as good as this year’s Oregon Pinot, we are very happy.

The grapes for this Pinot Noir came off three precious vineyards: Yates Conwill, Wy’east, and Zenith. Yes, some very nice sources!

Two of these are long term favorite vineyards of ours. The other one is newer: Zenith is in the Eola-Amity Hills. We chose to blend strengths together and offer a less expensive, high quality wine.

The wine is very dark, aromatic and has great natural acidity. At this stage of development, most of its character is in a long, long finish - a good sign for the future of the wine!

2017 was a very good vintage for us. The balance and intensity of this wine demonstrates this beautifully.

The wine should age for a very long time. At this point, bottles we open improve for weeks.