Scyavuru Sicilian Salty Pistachio Spread


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Pistachio is one of the most typical products of Sicily and one of the best ways to taste it is as a cream. Scyavuru has created this amazing Pistachio Cream, produced only with Sicilian pistachios and a dash of salt. Thanks to its unique taste and softness, you will fall in love with this sweet delicacy. It's ideal at breakfast, spread on a cookie or inside a croissant. Or straight off of a spoon.

Size 7.05 oz

The sweet and captivating Pistachio Cream, can be used to fill cakes or desserts prepared at home and to prepare ice cream, it is also excellent enjoyed alone, spread on bread or, even better, on biscuits. Excellent, exquisite and refined cream With its softness and its unmistakable flavor, resulting from the use of the best raw materials, it is a refined alternative for a tasty breakfast.

The name "scyavuru" in Sicilian dialect means perfume, smell, fragrance. The production of preserves, jams, jams and jellies is linked to a wealth of recipes and procedures handed down over the generations, which is scrupulously followed, but also revisited for a modern consumer, attentive to the quality and innovation of the product.