Scyavuru "Gianduja & Hazelnut Cream Spread"


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Scyavuru's delicious spreads now in a double flavor version, perfect for those who just don't know which one to choose. Delicious combinations to be enjoyed on bread or cookies or, why not, alone with a spoon. All Scyavuru two flavor creams are gluten-free.
Thanks to the eye-catching packaging with an airtight glass jar, they can also become an excellent gift idea with a gourmet flavor, perfect for any occasion!

Size 3.5 oz

The name "scyavuru" in Sicilian dialect means perfume, smell, fragrance. The production of preserves, jams, jams and jellies is linked to a wealth of recipes and procedures handed down over the generations, which is scrupulously followed, but also revisited for a modern consumer, attentive to the quality and innovation of the product.