Schloss Vollrads Riesling Qualitätswein 2017


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Wine & Spirits 90 Points- This is a compact riesling, packed with fleshy peach flavor and lots of dry spice. The ripeness of the fruit is balanced by a savory minerality, an umami tone that brings to mind a pairing with grilled mackerel collar or other rich, meaty fish.

Only Riesling grapes are grown at Schloss Vollrads, especially carefully, consciously and with love. We cherish and care for our vines. We harvest very carefully, read several times and by hand in order to obtain the grapes at their best degree of ripeness. We use our knowledge and a tradition from over 800 years of viticulture so that our grapes become the very special Riesling that makes you happy. We make unique and authentic wines on a vineyard area of