Sarl Treuillet Sauvignon Cuvée Magali 2018


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Sebastien Treuillet got his start in the wine business when he began working for a winemaker friend in Sancerre when he was just 15. He discovered he had a great passion and talent for winemaking. It led him to create Domaine Treuillet in 1991. In recent years his reputation has grown and there are few French wine awards he has not won. Excited by the excellent soil composition and location, he agreed to work a tiny and excellent vineyard that belongs to his friend Magali Metenier. This vineyard is located just outside of the Pouilly Fumé limits. He prunes and cares for the vineyard to keep yields low and quality high. He makes the wine in his state-of-the-art cellar. Now this tiny-production wine (about 350 cases in total) is thrilling Arrowine customers and staff while it consistently wins prestigious awards.