Sake Watari Bune Junmai Ginjo


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Alcohol: 15.3%

Rice Variety: Watari Bune

Localization: Ibaraki, Japan

Tasting Notes: Overall lively and bright, fruity with funky aromas and flavors. Over-ripe musk melon on the palate, bright white peach in the finish.

Food Pairing: Serve chilled with monkfish liver (ankimo), considered the foie gras of the sea. Also delicious with duck and other games served with berries.

The Domain: Huchu Homare was founded in 1854 and is managed by the 7th generation of the family, Takaaki “Taka” Yamauchi. When the brewery was founded, their first brand was Taiheikai, meaning “Pacific Ocean”. The brewery made history generations later in the early 1990s when Taka Yamauchi revived the sake rice named “Watari Bune” and launched a unique line of sake to celebrate this formerly extinct sake rice.