Reyes D Aragon El Casto Brut Reserva Cava


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When the Kings and Queens of Aragon drove through the construction of their kingdom, they did so with guile and intelligence, integrating the best from different populations that they had brought together through their reign, providing a personality and style that was an example for many rulers of the age.

This wine has been inspired by the history and legends that emanate from our land, those things that form our identity, that promote our idiosyncratic character and provide nuances and beliefs only appreciated by the passing of time.

Origin: Spain
Region: CAVA
Variety: 75% Macabeo, 25% Chardonnay
Type: Brut
Vineyard age: 30 - 40 years

Straw colour with steely reflections. Fine bubbles in continuous strings that form a crown on the surface. Reminiscent of a variety of tropical fruits (passion fruit, mango), along with aromas of freshly baked brioche. Light overtones of honey and nuts. On first taste dry with a light bubble which leaves a pleasant sensation. Structure middle to high, good balance between alcohol and acidity. Unctuous.