Randall Lineback New York Strip Steaks - Chapel Hill Farm


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Available by the 1lb frozen package

each package contains two 8oz boneless steaks

The Randall Linebacks were originally bred in 17th century colonial America as all-purpose cows, providing dairy, meat, and oxen to early American settlers. In the mid-1800s, Europeans began to create standardized, specialized beef cattle. This industrialization of cattle farming led to the extinction of nearly all American cattle breeds, which were crossbred with or simply replaced by standardized stock. 

The Randall family of Sunderland Vermont kept a closed herd of Linebacks from 1912 until 1985. This created a genetic “time capsule” and saved the breed from extinction. Genetically unchanged from the 1700s, they are not only a unique breed, but have a uniquely delicious flavor. Because the Randall Linebacks have not been altered to fit industrial beef standards, their meat is free of heavy intermuscular fat, providing a fine-grained, ruby-red meat with a bright, rich, clean flavor.


Berryville, VA