Quinta do Vale D. Maria Vintage Port 1999


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Alcohol: 20%

Grape(s): A blend of more than 25 traditional Douro grapes varieties

Localization: Douro, Portugal 

Tasting Notes: The nose is dominated by ripe berry fruit aromas with a layer of spice giving great complexity.

The Domain: Founded in 1996 by winemaker and charismatic storyteller Cristiano van Zeller, Quinta Vale D. Maria is one of Douro’s most prestigious producers. One of the founders of the Douro Boys, Quinta Vale D. Maria was a pioneer in combining traditional techniques with modern winemaking practices, while communicating and promoting the Douro region worldwide.

The Quinta is located on the hills of the Cima Corgo, alongside the Torto river, and its origins date back to 1868. Each wine created at Quinta Vale D. Maria tells a story, reflecting the uniqueness of each individual plot. Full respect for this unique terroir has been critical to revealing the diversity of indigenous grape varieties and the magic behind field blends. The result is a bouquet of long-lasting wines, widely recognized for their authenticity and elegance.

Today Quinta Vale D. Maria is part of Aveleda, which belongs to the Guedes family. Its roots have been expanded to the Douro Superior, where at Quinta Vale do Sabor it has found the ideal terroir to create wines that show the virtuous capacity to produce deep-fruit and mineral style wines, in the least known sub-region of the Douro.