Palladino Barolo San Bernardo 2016


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Alcohol:  15.5%

Grape(s): Nebbiolo 

Localization: Barolo, Piedmont, Italy

Tasting notes: It is an elegant and complex Barolo that reflects the characteristics of the cru of the same name, located in Serralunga D'alba. An austere and complex wine, it is the result of 6 years of cellar work.

Food pairing: Pair with roasted and braised meat, game, and strong and mature cheeses. 

The Domain: Hailing from Guarene, Piero Palladino spent his youth in Alba, where he studied winemaking at the Istituto Enologico. He was employed as winemaker for a wine vendor in Biella, having moved there after the war. However, Piero did not cut ties with Alba and the Langhe. In the years following, his characterizing resourcefulness led him to set up businesses in various sectors, before definitively arriving in the textile industry. However, the wine remained his passion, one that he emphatically asserted at the first opportunity. In 1974, Piero bought the current Azienda Vinicola Palladino and entrusted its management to his cousin Maurilio, his subsequent business partner.

Maurilio Palladino, together with his wife Domenica, managed the company for years, drawing inspiration from the principle of fidelity to tradition and the characteristics of the territory. Today, his experience is combined with the new generation's enthusiasm, who help to manage the cellar and continuously research new markets. They include Maurilio's granddaughter Veronica and her husband Alessandro and Margherita, Piero's granddaughter and daughter to Mauro Palladino, Maurilio's partner and cousin. Not to forget Luca and Matteo who provide invaluable help in the vineyard and in the wine cellar.

Philosophy: A wine cellar is its territory: a simple philosophy, focused on the link with tradition, on respect for the terroir and the passion with which we try to communicate these values ​​throughout the world.

TRADITION lets us relive history through the memory of the past and respect for the vines, tended according to ancient customs of manual processes, thus bringing a healthy product into the wine cellar, which is followed step by step, until its evolution into wine.

The TERRITORY finds expression in the purity of production of the historical Piedmontese denominations and in the ability each wine possesses, capable of summarising, with its own aroma and flavour, the specifics of the grapes' terroir of origin.

PASSION links all of the elements and is the underlying premise and the indispensable ingredient of each phase, from the careful tending of the vineyard to the processes of winemaking in the cellar and finally the promotional efforts in Italy and abroad.