Palais des Thes- Grand Jasmine Chung Feng


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One of the finest jasmine teas with a high proportion of tips. This green tea has a velvety texture that highlights every aspect of jasmine without even a hint of bitterness.

This remarkable tea allows the jasmine bouquet to fully develop during a 3-minute infusion. 

About jasmine teas: in China, the best jasmine is gathered in August in the middle of the afternoon when the flowers are slowly beginning to open at the approach of twilight. The next step is the mixing of the dry tea leaves and flowers, which is done by placing 4 to 5 alternating layers of leaves and flowers on top of each other, each 4 to 6 inches deep. They layers are left in contact with each other for around 10 hours and are stirred regularly to reduce the temperature at the center of the pile, which should remain at about 98°F. The flowers are then picked out by hand, one at a time. The quality of the tea will depend upon how meticulously the workers remove the flowers. This process in repeated up to 7 times to produce the finest quality of jasmine tea, each with a new batch of fresh flowers.

From its early days, Palais des Thés wanted to bridge the gap between tea producer and tea consumer, an approach that revolutionized people’s habits. Founder and tea researcher Francois-Xavier Delmas wanted Palais des Thés to be open towards customers, offering a space to share knowledge about the world of tea and to give people the tools they needed to learn about tea and appreciate it in their own way. He also wished to turn a spotlight on the dedicated women and men who made tea by travelling to plantations and learning directly from them, something rarely done by other westerners in the field.

Having cultivated a personal relationship with tea producers, Palais des Thés has been able to engage in direct sourcing from producers. Working on the ground without middlemen has allowed us to offer rarer, fresher, more varied teas with better checks in place for safety and quality. This tight-knit relationship valuing respect, integrity and responsibility is also essential in our commitment to being a clean brand. In order to provide the best teas, we have made a commitment to eco-friendly practices, sustainability and organic farming methods. We also guarantee healthy teas certified by our SafeTea program, which allows us to ensure our customers receive the very best teas, both in terms of taste and health.

At its core, Palais des Thés seeks to create a virtuous cycle of prosperity through ethical business practices with artisans and producers so that tea lovers may truly savor the best of tea.