Paški Sir - Sirana Gligora D.O.O


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One of the most reputed cheeses from the Croatian Island of Pag, Paski Sir is produced from a unique breed of small sheep, Paska Ovca - known for their intensely salty and limited milk output. Since Croatia doesn’t allow the production of animal rennet, Paski Sir is made with the help of microbial rennet, thus making it a vegetarian cheese.

Paski Sir a PDO cheese is a firm, aged for at least 4 months, although cheese producers can offer it at various maturation periods from the minimum to 1.5 years. Beneath the thin rind, the pate varies from light to dark yellow depending on age. The texture alters from dry to flaky with the addition of pleasant graininess. The flavor of younger wheels reveals quite a bit of saltiness along with a distinct savory and aromatic herbal taste. As the cheese matures, the savory flavor and tanginess become stronger.

Pasteurized Sheep's Milk