Pacari Chocolate Bars


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Pacari Chocolate is a family-owned company, dedicated to making the highest quality organic chocolate from Ecuador. Since 2002 we have worked with cacao growers and acquired knowledge that enables us to create a fine chocolate with the best flavor and texture possible, here at the sources of the treasured fine flavor cacao. An essential ingredient is being involved in the entire process- from working directly with the famers to deigning the packaging, and in every step in between. Preserving the native Arriba Nacional cacao, Pacari Chocolate was developed and is the first single-origin organic chocolate made entirely in Ecuador.

Chile Pepper 


100% + 1% 

Raw 100%  



Raw 85%

Andean Mint


Passion Fruit


72% Los Rios 

Piura 70% Limited Edition Organic

Esmeraldas 60% Cacao