Oxbow Pinkette Grisette


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Mixed Fermentation Grisette

Oxbow Brewing, Newcastle, ME

Pinkette is a mixed-fermentation grisette aged on whole Montmorency cherries. Inspired by the French Piquette wine tradition, where water is added to spent pomace after wine has been transferred off of the pressed grapes, we rack a fresh, low-strength farmhouse wheat beer onto cherries that were previously used in the production of Amarelle. After 6 weeks of contact time with the cherries, the beer is transferred off of the fruit and then naturally conditioned in clear 750mL bottles. Pinkish-orange in color with bright notes of cherry pie, ruby-red grapefruit, lemon zest, and white pepper with a refreshing acidity and dry finish.

4.5% ABV

750mL Clear Glass Bottle