Okina Ossau Iraty and Espelette Biscuits


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Since 2004, Hervé Lanouguère has been creating artisanal biscuits and cakes in his boulangerie, Okina, in Idaux-Mendy in the region of Soule - the heart of French Basque country. Using ingredients from Pays Basque, from exceptional sheep's milk cheese to Espelette Chilli Peppers, Herve creates sublime biscuits of Soule. Okina Bakery's bite-sized savory cookies are rich and delicious - and quite addicting. Made simply with wheat flour, sheep's milk cheese, butter, milk, sugar and salt. It is virtually impossible to stop at one. Delicious on their own as a snack or a special treat. Enjoy with your favorite glass of wine. Try dipping these little biscuits into a tart Basque dark cherry jam