Orealios Gaea “R” Robola 2020


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Alcohol: 12%

Grape(s): Robola

Localization: Cephalonia, Greece

Tasting notes: A pleasant, young, fresh white wine, to which the relatively high acidity of Robola gives a crisp freshness, while the low yields per hectare offer body and structure.

The Domain: Growing up in this “cultural terroir”, the winegrowers of “OREALIOS GAEA” are bearers and servants of a heritage that knows vines first hand, which knows its weaknesses and strong points, the toil it requires to “present its best self” and the joy it offers when this toil becomes a unique, fragrant wine that puts a smile on the face of all those involved in its production.

Viticulture on the island of Kefalonia goes back to the age of the myth of Kefalos, who introduced it to the island, while the first written testament to the Robola variety appears in 1520, on an inventory of ecclesiastical property, as well as on a letter to the island’s Latin Bishop (1547) and on descriptions by an Italian sightseer (1557). The presence of viticulture in Kefalonians’ life continues until today as a tradition that is interwoven with everything—from simple, human moments, to the island’s customs.