OmNom Peru 100% Gran Nativo Blanco Bar (Limited Edition)(Chocolate Maker)


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Crafted from recently discovered Gran Nativo Blanco cacao and no added sugar, this chocolate is intensely roasty with a silky melt, suited for cacao thrill-seekers.

After being hidden for more than a century, Gran Native Blanco cacao was rediscovered in 2008. Known for its sweet, delicte flavor and aromas, it is the most awarded cacao from Peru.

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Size: 60 grams

TASTING: burnt walnuts, papaya, velvety, juicy, lingering finish

PAIRING: semi-sweet digestifs, e.g. Amaro Montenegro or Averna

CACAO ORIGIN: Peru, Piura, Peru


INGREDIENTS: Organic Gran Nativo Blanco cocoa beans from Peru, organic cocoa butter