Oltretorrente Tortonesi Rosso 2019


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Alcohol: 13%

Grape(s): 90% Barbera, 10% Dolcetto 

Localization: Piedmont, Italy

Tasting Notes:  Dry medium-plus bodied red demonstrating red fruit, maquis and spice. The color is a deep red. The mouthfeel is structured, firm and crisp which is typical of Barbera. Aged in concrete tanks, Oltretorrente keeps the classical elements of Barbera and Dolcetto, with their brightly tart high-note and tight tannin running throughout, but with a breath from the porous concrete which gives the wine depth, roundness, and a pleasant texture. Pair with chicken or meat dishes.

The Domain: In 2010 Oltretorrente was born from my life project and my partner Michele's. We both studied Agriculture in Milan, no kinship in the world of wine and the countryside.

After a few years of work in other wineries and at the University, we decided to undertake a company that was also the only possibility of a journey together, of doing the work we had studied and which we had been passionate about. We looked for an initial situation that would allow us, without being millionaires, to have everything we needed to leave: some small vineyards for a total of one and a half hectares, a small cellar to make wine.

Already the first year, without a home yet and commuting on the contrary, we had our first 5000 bottles.

Year after year, the annexation of another three hectares sold by various elderly people in the town and the rental of some small vineyards have led us to greater production.

All the vines are separate particles on different slopes of the hills that surround us, some parts are 100 years old, others 60, the youngest 15. We begin to replace the poles of these plants that fall apart.

In three years, we will be replacing virtually all of them. In 2015 we started planting our first vineyard: two hectares of timorasso facing north and planted in a giropoggio, with beautiful soil and a beautiful slope. 

I believe that the positive results that there have been in these few years, both in the quality of the product and in the commercial response, are essentially due to the great determination and passion that drive us.

But also to the good fortune of having arrived in a territory whose popularity has been rising in recent years, just like us, and therefore of being part of a great creative ferment, in which we reflect ourselves perfectly.

Only a few years ago there was nothing in Oltretorrente: not a logo, not a company file, not a pruning cut, not a tub ... And now we already seem to be far away, with our bottles traveling to many countries of the world. The will to build and evolve is still strong and the ideas are many, we will see where they take us ...