Raclette du Valais AOP Bruson - Gourmino Selections


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The little cheese dairy of Bruson is located at the quiet and sunny shoulder of the Val d’Aniviers in the canton of Valais. Eddy Baillifard and his Raclette de Bruson are as unique as the people and the cows from this valley full of legends. Where else in the world are cow fights the cultural highlight of the season?

Eddy Baillifard is one of the last Raclette du Valais AOP cheesemakers, that still knows how to produce a Raclette from fresh, unpasteurized milk. The natural cultures and the flora of the milk help him to create this perfect cheese with its typical “goût du terroir”. Raclette de Bruson is a speciality from a boutique cheese dairy, selected & proved by Gourmino.