Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2016


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Vintage- Early budbreak and a warm spring hinted at another early harvest, similar to 2015. However, after a turbulent and blustery May, the summer weather settled into a fairly typical and moderate routine with consistently warm days and only few noticeably hot stretches. Mild conditions prevailed during July and August leading to ample hangtime for the fruit as ripening progressed slowly and evenly across the Estate.

Nose-Incredibly floral and opulent, the red berry character of this vintage, mostly Bing cherry and raspberry at this stage, is buttressed by rich notes of cocoa, hazelnut, and Earl Grey. Black pepper and cedar complement this freshness exquisitely
Palate- Dense but light on its feet, the contrast of velvety tannins and bright acid bookend a youthful and vibrant palate, chock full of blackberry sorbet, plum sauce, and strawberry jam. Fresh fig and marzipan lend richness and texture while stitching these disparate forces into a cohesive yet lively experience.
Finish- Baking spices abound on the finish along with coffee bean, star anise, and an almost caramel like sweetness that dovetails beautifully with fresh blueberry and cinnamon.

Barrel Aging- 22 months, 100% French oak, 40% new

Blend- 99% Cabernet Sauvignon 1% Cabernet Franc