Mixed Artisanal Greens from Fresh Impact Farms


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8oz Package - No need to wash, good for 7 days minimum after pick-up

This artisanal salad mix is made up of unique lettuce varieties unavailable in grocery stores! Each mix also includes pea and sunflower shoots to increase the overall nutrient content while adding a sweet and earthy flavor to the mix. This is not your average salad mix but rather a nutritional powerhouse that provides essential micronutrients right from the start. Harvested upon order to ensure optimal freshness and flavor!

Today's industrial food system is plagued by seasonal growing constraints, lack of transparency, and products that are grown for maximum yield and the ability to travel thousands of miles, instead of maximum flavor. At Fresh Impact Farms, they are consumers and lovers of food just like you. We like to know where our food comes from and how it was produced. We also believe that good food should have great flavor!

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