Mirzam Dark Chocolate Bar with Dates & Fennel 62% (Chocolate Maker)


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2017 Winner of a Silver Award at the Academy of Chocolate.

2017 Winner of a Silver Award from the International Chocolate Awards.

Mirzam is named after a star in the night sky, that becomes visible at the beginning of summer -- heralding the arrival of warm winds which will soon ripen the dates. The name 'Mirzam' translated into English means 'The Herald'.

Using locally grown dates from the Liwa oasis in the UAE, together with freshly ground fennel, they create a paste which is used to fill a delicate chocolate bar shell.

This adventure through the world of flavor will reveal a combination you never expected, and will fall in love with.

Like all their dark chocolate bars, this bar is made entirely from cocoa bean to delicious bar at their Alserkal Avenue space, is gluten free, vegan friendly -- and contains only natural spices for flavor.

Size: 70 grams

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter, Khalas dates, date syrup, salt.

Mirzam – chocolate maker drawn by the stars, telling the story of the spice trade through the lens of craft chocolate. This Emirati company, with five distinct lines of artisan chocolate, expresses the tale of the Middle East’s ancient role as seafaring traders, with each bar speaking to the history, culture, and traditions of those along the maritime Spice Route.