Meyer-Fonné Edelzwicker 2017


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Though Alsace is best known for its stunning varietal wines, the Edelzwicker is a notable exception. These “noble blends” may contain any combination of the region’s numerous permitted white grape varieties—in this case, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Chasselas, and Riesling make up the mix. Unlike many wines from nearby Germany, which often have a touch of residual sweetness, Alsace prides itself on its dry wines, and here is a great example. Delicate, floral, and highly aromatic, Félix Meyer’s Edelzwicker is an insider’s ticket to the wonders of Alsace at bargain cost. It is above all a vin de plaisir, offering abundant fruit and freshness with a frisky, stony finish that makes it incredibly versatile with food. Traditional Alsatian cuisine is an obvious match, but the possibilities are endless: salads, charcuterie, goat cheese, and Southeast Asian dishes all have a place alongside this Edelzwicker. Its capacity to quench one’s thirst and charm the senses makes the one-liter bottle all the more logical.

Varietals- Gewürztraminer, Muscat Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling
Vinification- Grapes are are gently pressed in a pneumatic press for 4-10 hours, and then the must is left for 24-36 hours to allow the heavy lees to settle. Fermented 1-3 months in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks or oak barrels. Wines are racked two weeks after the fermentation has completed, and kept on the fine lees until the mid-May bottling.