Les Foulards Rouges "Octobre" 2022 (3L Jeroboam)


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Alcohol: 12%

Grape(s): 90% Syrah, 10% Grenache

Localization: Languedoc, France

Tasting Notes: Fruity, light and Juicy. This is a nouveau in style - meaning the time between the grapes being picked and the finished wine ending up in the bottle is very short, in this case just a matter of months - so no time for any ageing; it's all bright upfront juicy fruit.

Notes: Hand Harvested Destemmed 10 day carbonic maceration 1 month élevage in demi-muids. No added SO2

The wine is made using carbonic maceration like nouveau wines, but is naturally fermented and has no added sulfur. Funky and light and never around for long.

The Domain: For 12 years, Jean-François Nicq worked as a winemaker in the Côtes du Rhône. On the first of January 2001, Jean-François joined his childhood friend, Bijan Mohamadi (who had been spending his days as a math teacher like our friend Cyrill Sevin) to start a new domaine at the very southern end of the Languedoc. "The Red Scarves" is a literary reference to the works of Fréderic Fajardie, whom the men greatly admired. Their philosophy is in turn a militaristic one, completely against intervention in the vines or the cellar. Native yeasts, no fining, filtration, added sulfur, and even some tillage with the help of their mule, Uma: The real deal. The vineyards are composed of multiple plots, on the lower, flatter part are mostly decomposed sandier soil. On the hillside, 100 meters up, are isolated single plots: Frida, Les Vilains, Les Glaneurs, Grenache. They lie directly on the bedrock with barely any topsoil and show more density.