Le Beurre Bordier Yuzu Butter


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Size: 125g

A hybrid of wild mandarin and lemon, Yuzu is incorporated into a lightly salted butter. Elegant and fresh, its marvelous on cod cooked en papillote or on toast with strawberry jam.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit native to East Asia. It looks like a small grapefruit and first grew wild in central China and Tibet, later introduced to Japan and Korea. The taste of Yuzu resembles that of grapefruit with tangerine tones. It is rarely eaten as is, but its zest is used as a garnish in Japanese cuisine, and its juice is used as a seasoning much like lemon juice.

Jean-Yves Bordier became a butter craftsman in Saint-Malo in 1985, taking over the La Maison du Beurre creamery founded in 1927. He rediscovered the art of remixing butter, a traditional method from the 19th century, which he preserved and perfected around essential techniques of the old butter makers. Gradually, the greatest French and foreign chefs became his most loyal customers. A silky texture, an aromatic complexity, a fine salt, a fair balance of flavors, and a pleasure in fulfilling the wishes of each chef: this is what has always thrilled Jean-Yves Bordier!

Product of France - Pasteurized Cows Cream