Le Beurre Bordier Madagascar Vanilla Butter


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Size: 125g

The real gourmet butter! To make desserts with flavors of yesteryear, French toast, pancakes, tarte tatin, roasted fresh fruit, but also surprise for cooking poultry, pigeon, pan-fried scallops. Well mixed with lime juice, it will make your lobster die of pleasure.

Madagascar Vanilla comes from the vanilla tree, a tropical orchid of Mexican origin. It grows in the form of lianas. Its fruits, the pods, produce a spice called vanilla. They contain a multitude of tiny black seeds, very aromatic. More than a hundred species of vanilla exist but only three of them are exploited.

Vanilla planifolia is the most widespread, it produces Bourbon vanilla. The latter is a label created in 1964 that designates vanilla production from the Indian Ocean.

Madagascar is recognized as the country producing the best vanilla. The optimal conditions for growing this orchid are met in the northeast of the island. The composition of the soil is excellent and the climate ideal.