Le Beurre Bordier Espelette Pepper Butter


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Size: 125g

The spicy and colorful note of Espelette pepper reveals the flavor of salted butter. Ideal mixed with mashed potatoes, placed on a rib of beef cooked on the grill, in a fish foil or on your red mullet fillets. It can surprise you in chocolate fondants.

Espelette pepper is a pepper grown in the Basque Country and takes its name from the town of Espelette. Originally from South America, the pepper was introduced to Basque Country in the 17th Century. It is a conical fruit, fleshy and suspended, turning red when ripe. It is dried in the sun before being ground into powder. Piment d'Espelette has been classified as an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée since June 1, 2000, reinforced on August 22, 2002 by an AOP. Its production area includes 10 municipalities. The pickers harvest the peppers manually in August. In autumn, the houses of these towns are all decorated with braids of Espelette pepper. The Salted Butter fixes the spicy flavor of the Pepper remarkably.

Jean-Yves Bordier became a butter craftsman in Saint-Malo in 1985, taking over the La Maison du Beurre creamery founded in 1927. He rediscovered the art of remixing butter, a traditional method from the 19th century, which he preserved and perfected around essential techniques of the old butter makers. Gradually, the greatest French and foreign chefs became his most loyal customers. A silky texture, an aromatic complexity, a fine salt, a fair balance of flavors, and a pleasure in fulfilling the wishes of each chef: this is what has always thrilled Jean-Yves Bordier!

Product of France - Pasteurized Cows Cream