Kourtaki Retsina


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Alcohol: 11.5%

Grape(s): Retsina

Localization: Attiki, Greece

Tasting Notes: A vividly gold color; dainty pine resin aroma; a fresh and balanced palate representative of the Savatiano grape variety; and a lingering after-taste with the resin aroma discreetly present.

Food Pairing: All Greek cuisine appetizers; white meats; and fish, especially in the summertime and especially by the sea. Best served 8°-10° (46°-50° F).

The Domain: The unique Retsina, the traditional wine of Greece, can trace its origins back to ancient times when the jars and amphoras were sealed with pine resin. Nowadays, resin from the Aleppo pine is added to the must during fermentation to produce the distinctive resinated style.